According to information given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an air bag can inflate in less than 1/20 of a second. Between 1987 and 2017, these bags saved more than 50,000 lives.

But what if your airbags don’t deploy during a traffic accident? If your airbags failed to function during an accident, you can take legal action against the airbag manufacturer, the car manufacturer, or another responsible party.

After the collision, you will have to determine which parties were at fault for both your accident and the injuries.

If another driver was negligent, they will be responsible for any loss you suffered. Under state law, you may be able to seek damages as compensation for any injuries related to the accident. However, if the airbags did not deploy and caused you additional injuries, then the vehicle or the airbag manufacturer may also be held liable for your damages.

Research is often necessary to know exactly how to file each claim. But a car accident attorney can review your case, identify the parties responsible for your losses, and help you seek compensation.

Front and side airbags should deploy in moderate to severe collisions. They can sometimes deploy on minor collisions, but they are not designed to activate on every collision. These balls must work in conjunction with the seat belts to protect you during a collision. The effective deployment of an air bag during a collision depends on factors such as:

  • The speed the vehicle was traveling before the crash
  • The direction of the impact
  • The other types of cars involved
  • The location of the crash sensors on the vehicle
  • The design of vehicle airbag systems

To bring a claim against a manufacturer for air bags that did not deploy properly, you will need to prove the following:

Your vehicle’s air bags should have deployed in the accident but didn’t.

The airbags did not deploy due to some defect.

As a result of this failure, you or a passenger in your vehicle suffered injury or damage of some kind.

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