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Burnout. Compassion fatigue. Shifting student expectations. Uncertainty surrounding course modalities. These are concerns we’ve been hearing about for a while now when it comes to faculty well-being. It’s no secret that the state of education is changing, along with the responsibilities and experiences of faculty.

Of all the recent changes to higher education, one fact holds true. One of the biggest threats to the state of higher education is losing faculty members.

Our Faces of Faculty: The Higher Education Instructor Experience 2022 report presents new research uncovering faculty job satisfaction trends, bringing to light the opinions and attitudes of more than 1,000 educators from across the country. In this report, you’ll learn how instructors are reacting to changes in their roles and which changes are significantly impacting their abilities to show up for work.

Key findings:

  • Most faculty are satisfied with their jobs (64 percent). Some of those who are unhappy are considering leaving.
  • The faculty workday looks much different. 79 percent of faculty say their role has changed compared to 3-5 years ago. 41 percent say it’s changed significantly.
  • Managing multiple course modalities is the greatest faculty challenge, with 77 percent significantly impacted by this shift.

Perhaps the most important finding is that faculty are, indeed, stretched too thin. But at the same time, they’re displaying incredible resilience and dedication to students despite the stumbling blocks.

Learn more in the full report.

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