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New Jersey law firm Grungo Colarulo’s metaverse office.

The metaverse is all the rage these days. Users can enter a virtual world where they can interact with people from all parts of the physical world, play games, engage in commerce and do a lot of other things. Think Ready Player One, or for older folks, think The Matrix movies, Total Recall or even Disclosure.

Some law firms have seen the potential of the metaverse, using the platform as a means of marketing themselves, as well as meeting and interacting with clients—no matter where they may be physically located. It especially came in handy during pandemic-related lockdowns, when people couldn’t leave their houses.

One such firm is Grungo Colarulo, a personal injury law firm with offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Last December, the firm announced that it had set up shop in the virtual world known as Decentraland.

Users can enter the firm’s virtual office, where they can interact with the firm’s avatar. They can talk to the avatar to see whether they might need legal representation and then take down a phone number to call the firm in the physical world. If they’re already clients, they can arrive for meetings or consultations.

Richard Grungo Jr., co-founder and name partner at Grungo Colarulo, told the ABA Journal in December 2021 that he could see the potential of the metaverse to allow his firm to host webinars, CLEs and other virtual educational opportunities, as well as hosting charity events.

Grungo joined the ABA Journal’s Victor Li to talk about how lawyers can use the metaverse to market themselves, as well as legal issues relating to the technology that all users should be aware of.

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ABA Journal: “The metaverse and Web3 are all the rage, but the law is stuck at Web1”

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<p>Richard Grungo Jr.</p>
<p>Richard Grungo Jr. is the co-founder and name partner at Grungo Colarulo, a personal injury law firm with offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.</p>
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